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You think learning English through songs is a weird idea?

am 11.03.2015 von Doris Graf

Here is how to go about it:


All of us love listening to music – for fun, rhythm, relaxation and countless other reasons. So why not consider listening more attentively to the lyrics of your favorite songs to expand your range of vocabulary? One idea I tend to suggest frequently is "Go for the singer or group or song you like best, dig into their lyrics and extract from them what seems useful to you."


Let’s take a look at how to use songs in order to improve your English – or any other language that takes your fancy.

  • Select a song you really enjoy and download it onto your smartphone – or play it on YouTube on your PC. (Later: Choose a song of a specific topic you wish to get into).
  • Once you have chosen a song, check out the lyrics on the internet and print them out. Carry the print-out with you so you can read and memorize the text any time.
  • Listen to the song frequently and read the lyrics at the same time – and feel free to sing along!
  • If you come across words you are not familiar with, look them up on www.leo.org
  • Try to sing a few lines all by yourself – without lyrics, without the song being played in the background.
  • Go slowly and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t remember the lines. Just listen to the song again and again.



What can your learn from listening to songs?

  • Along with the song you will pick up the right pronunciation of new vocabulary and of entire phrases.
  • The accompanying music will enable you to memorize words much easier.
  • Often songs carry a grammar range that you do not find in everyday conversation. You can use the new grammar in your own interactions.
  • By singing the song quietly to yourself, you repeat the new vocabulary and the word or phrase melody – without anybody noticing!
  • Can you think of any more benefits?


A website to choose songs from: telfltunes


What song would you like to start with – today?




Doris Graf, Dolmetscherin, Übersetzerin und Trainerin für Business Englisch und Spanisch

Nach zehn Jahren interkultureller Arbeitserfahrung im europäischen Ausland (London, Paris, Barcelona) ist Doris Graf seit über 20 Jahren engagiert mit ihren „Leidenschaftssprachen" English und Spanisch unterwegs.

Sie dolmetscht national und international u.a. bei Konferenzen, Unternehmensführungen, Verhandlungen und unterstützt Führungskräfte als Coach für die englische Sprache. Als beeidigte Übersetzerin für Englisch & Spanisch überträgt sie vorrangig Texte aus den Bereichen Wirtschaft, Recht und Technik.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf www.graf-uebersetzungen.com

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