Supported projects

Find out more about social projects in our region. As we greatly value their commitment we support their work with EUR 5,00 for every successful placement.

bhz Stuttgart – Center for disabled persons

The bhz Stuttgart e.V. is a charitable institution close to our offices. Its staff members are committed to disabled individuals in a way that commands our admiration. Similar to axantis, the bhz Stuttgart stands for working together in a spirit of partnership.  In its everyday work the institution encourages people with disabilities to identify their individual talents, furthers their skills and shows respect  to the way individuals are. Their overall purpose is to integrate the disabled in society while offering them maximum freedom to act on their own and to boost confidence in their own strength.  

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Olgäle-Stiftung (Olgäle Trust for Children in Hospital)

Providing best possible support to sick children and their families has been the goal of the Olgäle Trust for Sick Children ever since its foundation in 1997, established under the patronage of His Royal Highness Carl Duke of Württemberg. As the title reveals, the Trust’s tremendous commitment focuses on the Stuttgart Hospital for Children (Olgahospital), the so-called “Olgäle”. The Trust offers assistance where neither city nor Land (federal state) are in a financial position to help. Based on donations and as an example, the Olgäle Trust makes contributions towards improved psychosocial care,  provides financial help with state-of-the-art medical equipment and promotes the work and significance of the Olgahospital as seen by the public.

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