Company history

As a global partner, axantis AG is one of the leading personnel placement services in the IT sector. 

Since 1999, first European-wide, now around the world axantis AG has been supporting Blue Chip clients by placing the best IT consultants on the market with reputed consultancies and market leading end consumers.

Our unrivaled network throughout the world, as well as our highly competent recruitment team specializing in the specifics of the country, enable us to offer throughout a full service of top standard –  stretching from partial support to third party management.

Fact & Figures:

  • 1999 Foundation as a limited company
  • 2000 Renaming and changing of legal form into axantis Aktiengesellschaft (Inc.)
  • 2000 Since 2000 collaboration with Hewlett-Packard GmbH
  • 2001 Since 2001 cooperation with SAP AG
  • 2002 Since 2002 cooperation with t-systems, Price Waterhouse Coopers (now IBM) and Siemens Business.
  • 2002 Services Axantis now offers IT services in the area of application   development, system management and IT Infrastructure
  • 2003 Further expansion of cooperation with SAP AG, SAP Systems Integration and SAP AG of Germany
  • 2004 Further expansion of the business unit axantis agency - placement of freelance business partners / contractors.
  • 2004 Axantis offers IT services in Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse and test management
  • 2005 Moving into new office
  • 2006 Expansion of the partnership with Cognos, silver partner status branch.
  • 2006 axantis AG opens an office in Walldorf in front of the gates of SAP AG
  • 2007 Employee development: current 140 staff in IT projects
  • 2008 Further development of our business relationship with T-Systems - axantis receives preferred supplier status also for freelancer contracting
  • 2008 Also Fujitsu Technology Solutions chooses axantis AG as a preferred partner
  • 2009 axantis AG receives preferred supplier status of ORACLE Deutschland GmbH
  • 2010 Receiving preferred supplier status from CGI Group Inc., further expansion of the business relationship with 7P Consulting Solutions AG, Revenues up 30%
  • 2011 over 200 IT Consultants in projects
  • 2011 Deutsche Telekom AG chooses axantis AG as a preferred supplier for external staff
  • 2012 Conclusion of a cooperation contract with Ciber AG and further extension of the already existing and successful business relationship
  • 2013 Further extension of the already longtime existing and successful business relationship with 7P Group. Conclusion of a cooperation contract with Sulzer GmbH for SAP Project Staffing Requests.
  • 2014 axantis AG qualifies as a preferred supplier from itelligence and SOPRA, extension of the collaboration with Volkswagen, operational services works together with axantis AG
  • 2015 capgemini obtains ressources from axantis AG on the base of a master agreement, Datagroup works together with axantis AG
  • 2016 axantis AG is preferred supplier and partner from Alegri, extension of the business volume with CIBER, Datagroup and itelligence, Orbit as a daughter of Telekom obtains services from axantis AG, accenture works together with axantis AG
  • 2017 Camelot decides on axantis as a service provide, extreme extension of the collaboration with operational services, SAP Deutschland works together more intensive with axantis AG
  • 2018 All-for-one decides to collaborate with axantis, closure of a new master agreement with CGI, continuing extension of the business with Telekom and T-Systems
  • 2020 MHP Management und IT-Beratung GmbH decides to collaborate with axantis