Software product quality is subject to extensive and professional test management. What takes priority in test management, apart from individual test procedures designed to check individual requirements and test objectives such as calculating function or capacity utilization, are integral measures to monitor software quality.

Your software product is followed up throughout the entire project  by our experienced test managers: from planning and preparation to set up and implementation to documentation.  As our specialists detect  and eliminate any errors early on you may economise on development, in operations and in maintaining your software products.

Our competence with modern quality assurance procedures

Equally qualified experts are needed when it comes to putting the quality of your software to the acid test. Our software testers are certified according to ISTQB and are experienced in dealing with modern processes and tools such as:

  • HP Qualitycenter (previously Mercury)
  • HP Testdirector
  • HP Winrunner
  • HP Loadrunner
  • SQS Quicktest
  • Segue Silktest
  • IBM Rational Robot
  • Empirix

Please let us know your individual requirements and we will place a suitable expert with you.