Third Party Management with axantis “Smart Vendor Management”

Large numbers of external service providers and freelancers in IT projects lead not only to rising expenses in terms of administration and purchasing on the part of the client but also to increased costs. Our experienced staff with their many years of experience in the market employ Third Party Management (TPM) to your benefit and optimize your IT service purchases. Let us show you that your sourcing strategy need not conflict with the requirements of your specialist departments.

Effective processes in Third Party Management

axantis „Smart Vendor Management" reduces your expenditure and simplifies administrative processes, for example, by way of a standardized design of processes and communication channels. In addition, we examine your suppliers and can save money for you through renegotiating with your suppliers and consolidating them.

The entire Third Party Management Process will be transparent to you and follow a clear structure:

  • Joint definition of objectives (which of these is to be achieved: cost reduction? Quality intensification? Consolidation of suppliers? Process optimization?)
  • Identification of the current state together with an in-depth analysis of expenditure, processes and suppliers
  • Preparation of a project plan with technical specifications
  • Determination of service levels
  • Contract hand-over to TPM service provider
  • Implementation of the new processes
  • Monitoring of suppliers and regular communication with external service Providers.