Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

At axantis, we are committed to protecting the environment and to the continuous improvement of sustainability. Evidence of our commitment is our certification according to the international environmental management norm ISO 14001. 

Our social responsibility, however, also matters to us at company level. With every successful placement of our experts we also consider the individuals who, in their lives, may be presented with significant challenges.

Sustainable environmental management

With us, consistent action for sound environmental management starts with garbage separation and paper-saving print and stretches as far as climate-friendly traveling by train. We have been certified according to ISO 14001 with regard to our ecological commitment. This is also an incentive for us to promote and extend our company’s environmental policy even further. 

Social commitment

As a company, we take our social commitment very seriously and are glad to be able to assist individuals on the basis of our work. With our  motto „acting internationally while firmly rooted in the Stuttgart region“ we provide support to social projects and their admirable action in the Stuttgart area.

With every successful placement of one of our experts EUR 5,00 are donated to the center for disabled persons (bhz Stuttgart) and the Olgäle Trust (for sick children).

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