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Existing cooperation since 2001. Very close collaboration in the area CoE and development of SAP, cloud, mobile and online marketing solutions.

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T-systems international GmbH

since over 10 years preferred supplier. Successful assistance in different areas as SAP, BI, System Management, Application Development und Testing

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Hewlett Packard GmbH

Since 2000 successful cooperation. In particular we support HP in the area Enterprise Services especially SAP Consulting, SAP basis administration & support, database & OS administration.

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Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Longtime assistance in the area Managed Services - assistance in System Management, SAP basis consulting, DB/OS administration & support.

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7P Seven Principles

Longtime partnership and accredited supplier. Positively highlighted is the collaboration in the areas System Management and Microsoft products.

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Deutsche Telekom

Successful Collaboration and preferred supplier status since 2009 for all IT specific Issues and requests within the Telekom Group.

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Since 2010 we support CGI in recruiting of SAS Experts on a freelance basis but also placing candidates in permanent positions.



As a certified supplier we are supporting CIBER AG in SAP projects, especially in implementing and migration of SAP industry solutions.

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Preferred supplier since 2009 - especially for projects in the area Oracle DB, APEX, Oracle BI (OBIEE) and ADF.

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Supplier since 2010, professional support for SAP and non-SAP consulting and application development projects.


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